The Baron Episode 15: Storm Warning

Storm Warning Title Shot

In Macao, John and Sue are picking up some packages from a recent purchase. After some looking around all but one package is found and ready to be shipped back to London. John went off to find any signs of where the missing package could be but Sue investigates the possibility of the package being accidentally put on another freighter ship. Sue walks in on something that gets her into trouble. John is not buying the ship captains story of where Sue is or went so he investigates himself. Sue is almost raped by one of the crew and John is found on the ship as the cruise turns into a ship of horrors. Theres a twist in this story and Mannering may have to resort to alternative options yet the story will have to continue.

Personal Synopsis

Storm Warning is part one of two episodes and already implies that this episode will have a maritime setting and will always appeal to me. This story is fun being on the seas in a cargo ship and especially with the un-PC chinese english accents, which is certainly an example of the discriminatory way people perceived asians at the time. The captains performance as a calm and collected villain makes his performance  noted.


Original Air-date: 4 January 1967

Directed by Gordon Flemyng

Written by Terry Nation

The Baron- Steve Forrest

Cordelia- Sue Lloyd

Bran Carlton- Dudley Sutton

Captain Brenner- Reginald Marsh

John Garvey- John Woodvine

Calvin Baggio- Derek Newark

Coleman- Roland Brand

Peters- Terence Mountain

Tang- Andy Ho

Chee- Michael Chow

Policeman No.1- Denis Chin

You can Buy the DVD here:

The Baron DVD

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