The Baron Episode 14: There’s Someone Close Behind You

There's Someone Close Behind You Title Shot

Its another dark and foggy london night when some plans to “knock off” the Lynsted collection are overheard. Mannering is told of these plans and takes steps to stop this pending robbery. After waiting for some time both Mannering and the Police believe that the tip off may have been found out so the crooks have changed their plans. As they are leaving their suspicions are aroused by a noise from the roof. It all goes wrong when the policeman is shot dead after recognising the thief. The suspect Greg Wilde is well connected and has substantial funds to keep everything hush hush but Mannering was not going to budge on his testimony.  Mannerings tipster is found dead, making this a much bigger case for the police and further putting The Barons life in danger.

Personal Synopsis

A wonderful story from this series. An antiques collection is to be stolen and the crook is a well known thug but with power. The hustle between Mannering and Greg Wilde is great drama but with the twist of revenge that plays out like a classic ITC storyline. It also has a few favourite actors of mine such as Mike Pratt, who is the lead actor in Randall and Hopkirk Deceased. One of the best episodes of the series.


Original Air-date: 17 March 1966

Directed by Roy Ward Baker

Written by John Creasey and Terry Nation

The Baron- Steve Forrest

Sheldon- Mike Pratt

Frank Oddy- Philip Madoc

Insp. Bob Weston- Raymond Adamson

Yeldham- Peter Forbes-Robertson

Wayne- Paul Harris

Marty Cranwell- Ken Parry

Alan Jordan- Michael Robbins

Stanley Merrick- Norman Scace

Det Insp. Thomson- Jerome Willis

Greg Wilde- Richard Wyler

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The Baron DVD

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