The Baron Episode 13: Portrait of Louisa

Portrait of Louisa Title Shot

Louisa is being blackmailed by an unknown source. She is willing to even sale some prized antiques to Mannering. This sparks Johns curiosity, since he knew she would never in her right mind part with such treasures. The Baron reluctantly buys the antique but not without tell Louisa that he knew she must be in trouble. Louisa is yet again asked to bring some money to a drop off but this time she was prepared but not prepared enough. Louisa is found dead and the authorities believe it was a suicide due to her mental state the last few days. John just could not believe this and began his investigation. John uncovers a syndicate of criminals using young rich woman to blackmail. But who really killed Louisa.

Personal Synopsis

This is a good story written originally for an episode of The Saint and sort of rehashed by Terry Nation to suit the Baron television series.. I am happy to see some great actors in this episode and the story does draw interest. There is an attempt at humour with by David Marlowe being hit on the head throughout the episode. A story of blackmail is always entertaining due to the lengths some people would go to to keep a horrible secret form being made public and the twist of a blood relative being at the helm makes this story quite entertaining. All in all a good episode.


Original Air-date: 24 February 1966

Directed by John Llewellyn Moxey

Written by John Creasey and Terry Nation

The Baron- Steve Forrest

Louisa- Moira Redmond

Jane- Jo Rowbottom

Sutton- Brian Wilde

Inspector Powell- Meredith Edwards

Nigel Brockhurst- Terence Alexander

Peter Langley- Mark Burns

David Marlowe- Paul Ferris

Sergeant Richards- Richard Owens

Beth- Lisa Thomas

The Barman- Leo Kayne

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