The Baron Episode 11: Samurai West

Samurai West Title Shot

A 500 year old Samurai Sword is being sold by Mr. Asano to help his finances but his man servant Yasugi is not happy but Mannering is happy to add this samurai sword to his collection. A party to celebrate the purchase of the sword turns sour when an old colonel recognizes Mr. Asano as a commander in the Japanese Army when he was interred in a POW camp. After receiving an explanation as to the outburst by Colonel Stirling, John is worried about the remaining emotions from a war that has been over for 20 years. Especially between Asano and Colonel Stirling. Asano is found dead and revenge is both the cause and could be the outcome.

Personal Synopsis

Apart from the obviously not Japanese actors in this episode, the story is close to my heart. I have always been enthralled by World War 2 references and fictionalised stories with the great war as a back drop. This story includes a few unique items, like a samurai sword, an old English Colonel and the Japanese traditions being told by somewhat ignorant English writers, that creates a fun story to watch.


Original Air-date: February 10, 1966

Directed by John Llewellyn Moxey

Written by John Creasey and Brian Degas

The Baron- Steve Forrest

David Marlowe- Paul Ferris

Asano- Lee Montague

Norman Stirling- Raymond Huntley

Samantha- Jeanne Roland

Yasugi- Larry Taylor

Tom Stirling- Colin Jeavons

Miss Chanter- Hal Dyer

Nurse- Sidonie Bond

Simpson- Royston Tickner

Detective Sergeant- Clifford Earl

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