The Baron Episode 8: The Persuaders

The Persuaders Title Shot

John is away in Paris when his shop attendant David Marlowe  is kidnapped. For the release of David, Mannering must sale Sir Robert Ellacott a fake Renoir painting for a 100,000 pounds. Mannering decides to investigate himself about who is behind this plot and why. Ellacott is shown the painting and Mannering meets Roddy, Sir Roberts nephew, the interaction is unpleasant but the transaction is made. Now the time has come for the money to be given to the blackmailers and Mannering is certain who is behind it all. A standoff is certain but an unexpected escape method will need to be foiled before the crooks leave with the money.

Personal Synopsis

A fun story of the rich kid not happy with the stipend given by his uncle and the nearly seamless effort to get a wealth of money without working for it. This is a decent episode with all the key ingredients to a crime mystery. Roddy played by James Villiers is brilliant in his role as a smug, spoiled nephew who annoys everyone who watches this performance.


Original Air-date: March 24th 1966

Directed by Leslie Norman

Written by John Creasey and Dennis Spooner

The Baron- Steve Forrest

David Marlowe- Paul Ferris

Roddy Harrington- James Villiers

Verity Montand- Georgina Ward

Templeton-Green- Colin Gordon

Upton- Ronald Hines

Hollins- Charles Houston

Sara- Virginia Stride

Sir Robert Ellacott- Martin Wyldeck

Markham- Reginald Jessup

The scientist- Derek Benfield

Scott- Zeph Gladstone

Lowery- Tony Thawnton

Ann- Jennifer Clulow

You can Buy the DVD here:

The Baron DVD

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