The Baron Episode 5: Enemy of the State

The Baron Enemy of the State Title Shot

John and Cordelia are sent to the Eastern Bloc to make a drop off in Bar Koblinz. Things go wrong when the contact warns her of pending trouble and then is shot. Cordelia is arrested for spying and Mannering is ordered to go back to London without Cordelia. Mannering would not allow Templeton-Green to sway him from getting Cordelia released. The plan is to capture a swap prisoner and Mannering wants to go to the top. The last step is to get Cordelia without getting him or her killed.

Personal Synopsis

An Eastern Bloc country is the backdrop for this episode and a classic tale of diplomatic wrangling and the ever present espionage during the cold war era. Theres nothing extraordinary about this story but the behind the scenes diplomatic process was interesting enough to note.  The casting was also of great quality, especially since it was filled with character actors that have played WWII themed Nazis or Russian characters in many other productions. I would watch this again at some later point.


Original Air-date: January 20, 1966

Directed by Jeremy Summers

Written by John Creasey

The Baron- Steve Forrest

Cordelia- Sue Lloyd

John Alexander Templeton-Green- Colin Gordon

Jadwiga Szoblik- Anton Diffring

Colonel Bucholz- Joseph Fürst

Spinoza- John Abineri

Albrecht- Michael Wolf

Ernst Rishner- Brian Phelan

Ronald Bell- Richard Carpenter

Colin Bradfield- Gary Watson

Claire Bradfield- Veronica Strong

Heinman- Terence Lodge

You can Buy the DVD here:

The Baron DVD

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