The Baron Episode 2: Epitaph for a Hero

The Baron_Epitaph for a Hero Title Shot

One of Mannering’s old army buddies has died, in fact Mannering has him to thank for saving his life. However a mysterious meeting proves the death of his friend was just a ploy to get Mannering to join a heist. Mannering is compelled by Templeton-Green to join as an undercover agent to sabotage the heist of 1 Million dollars worth of jewel. Things go a rye when Cordelia is caught and used as a hostage. Mannering is stuck between a rock and hard place and must go through with the heist.

Personal Synopsis

The faked burial was enough to get Mannering’s attention especially with the almost necessary respect for a man whom saved Mannering’s life.  The overhanging debt for his life was dangled in front of him to persuade Mannering to help in the heist. It would all seem to simple but Cordelia has changed the plan. This episode is a fun watch but lacks real interest as the show progresses.


Original Air-date: October 5, 1966

Directed by John Llewellyn Moxey

Written by Terry Nation

The Baron- Steve Forrest

David Marlow- Paul Ferris

Cordelia- Sue Lloyd

Templeton-Green- Colin Gordon

Helga Sorenson- Patricia Haines

Jim Carey- Paul Maxwell

Owen Davies- Artro Morris

Charlie- Nosher Powell

The Gaunt Man- William Lyon Brown

You can Buy the DVD here:

The Baron DVD

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