Department S Episode 15: Dead Men Die Twice

Department S_Dead Men Die Twice Title Shot

A mysterious reappearance of a known criminal has stirred up the pot in the crime world, but he’s been dead for years. It may be that he had a twin or a doppelgänger but when the reappeared mystery man is killed, Department S is called in. A crime boss and the dead criminals wife are in the sights of Department S, suspicious and with motive. They find a trail of deceit and prove that Dead Men Dont Die Twice.

Personal Synopsis

A very nice addition to the series. I particularly love Kieron Moore, he has a unique look and has always pulled off the creepy crime lord type. This tale is a fairly familiar format, Dead Man not really Dead to push away unwanted attention. At times the story is hard to follow but there are plenty of scenes with beautiful women for those who are shallow 😉 I actually enjoy this episode more for the fact that Annabelle has a more substantial role in this episode. Up to this point in the series, she would not have had such a prominent role.


Southern France


Original Air-Date: November 12, 1969

Directed by Ray Austin

Written by Philip Broadley

Jason King- Peter Wyngarde

Stewart Sullivan- Joel Fabiani

Annabelle Hurst- Rosemary Nicols

Curtis Seretse- Dennis Alaba Peters

Lomax/Reeves- Kieron Moore

Tania- Barbara Murray

The Dandy- Alan Lake

Harlan- David Bauer

Charles Barjou- John Cater

Alain- Edward Caddick

Lizardos- Steve Plytas

Brunette-Anna Matisse

Mortuary Attendant- John Serret

Hotel Receptionist- Mary Mitchell

Machet- Roy Hanlon

Taxi Driver- Jacques Cey

Source: IMDB, Wikipedia

You can Buy the DVD here:

Department S DVD

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