The Buccaneers Episode 1: Blackbeard

Capt Rodgers is heading to the Bahamas with the task given to clean out the Pirates from Nassau.  The captain is bringing in a new way of thinking in regards to the pirates and with a pardon in his hands for those who would take up the offer.  Treasure is being divided amongst the pirates when a pirate captain Blackbeard shows up to take more than his share of the loot.   Capt. Rodgers lands near Nassau and makes his way to claim the Governorship appointed to him by the King, yet there are some complications. In a place where the only way to get a stiff drink is to add gunpowder to the Rum, their may be pirates willing to take up the pardon.  Blackbeard stirs up trouble and questions the post given to Capt. Rodgers but Rodgers won’t be willing to lay down his arms. A duel to settle the differences between the pirates brings out all of the strife in Nassau. Blackbeard hurriedly escapes and outsmarts the British Navy. Until another day.

Personal Synopsis

A fun, simply low-budget start to an awesome series for any pirate nut (like me). This episode gives us a start to the story of the buccaneers especially if a new governor is in town and the pirates will have a new arch nemesis. Being that the filming locations are predominantly in Cornwall, UK the attempt to realism is amazing for the time and the budget.

Gov. Woodes Rodgers-Alec Clunes

Blackbeard- George Margo

Lieutenant Beamish- Peter Hammond

Benjy- Hugh David

Sawney-Alfie Bass

Captain Hornigold- Andrew Crawford

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