Danger Man Episode 1: View from the Villa

On holidays in Rome, John Drake is summoned to investigate a murder but not just any murder, a murder of a big Bank Manager who is suspected to have stolen 5 million dollars. The bank manager’s wife could not show an emotion over the news of her husbands murder and drake was on the trail of the bullion. Clothing left at the scene of the crime leads drake to a Parisian shop and a mysterious blonde lady or maybe brunette. The picture was clear, drake knew where to go but how would he identify who killed the banker?

Personal Synopsis

This is the first episode for the Danger Man series and it is quite a foundation for how the show would eventually be known for. Money has been stolen, someone is killed , theres a woman in there somewhere and there will be an awesome punch-on with overly acted blows. This is a fun episode but it could have been a bigger story.


Directed by Terry Bishop

Written by Brian Clemens and Ralph Smart

John Drake-Patrick McGoohan

Gina Scarlotti-Barbara Shelley

Stella Delroy-Delphi Lawrence

Mayne-John Lee

Mego-Colin Douglas

Delroy-Philip Latham

Finch-Court Benson

Waiter-Andreas Melandrinos

Café Artist-Charles Houston

Marine Officer-Raymond Young

Housekeeper-Marie Burke

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