The Champions Episode 1: The Beginning

Covert Operations in a Chinese Research Facility goes well until the very last minute , Craig Stirling,  Sharon McReady and Richard Barrett make an escape just barely through the darkness on the plane they arrived on, however they didn’t escape fast enough to stop chinese bullets from damaging the plane.Tremayne and interested parties anxiously await any news from the spy trio.The Himalayas become the only view from the cockpit as the plane succumbs to the bullets. Was that a mirage of a strange old man?  Is this a near death experience? The trio come out unscathed and with only hints of injuries that no longer exist and a sense that something extraordinary has taken place.  The operation they started and nearly ended still has to be completed, too much riding upon their return. This is only if they can elude a familiar enemy. Another meeting with the strange old man provides understanding for the “extraordinary “ awareness the trio has been feeling every since the crash.

Personal Synopsis

The beginning in title and the beginning for the series, this episode does a fair explanation of the trios “superpowers”. It is strange that all of the interested parties in this episode come together in what seems like an equivalent to a hippies trip displayed on the television screen. I did enjoy the seriousness the actors portrayed amongst the absurd sets and laughable scenes. However the story, in general, interests me probably due to the fact that I will always be a spy-fi nut.  This episode could possibly be confusing to some but the idea of spies obtaining special powers by a leader of a long lost himalayan city (a Shangri-La) is innocently original.

Original Air-Date: September 25, 1968

Directed by Cyril Frankel

Written by Dennis Spooner

Craig Stirling-Stuart Damon

Sharron Macready-Alexandra Bastedo

Richard Barrett-William Guant

Tremayne- Anthony Nicholls

The Old Man-Felix Aylmer

Whittaker-Kenneth J. Warren

Chislenkan-Joseph Furst

Ho Ling-Eric Young

Chinese Major-Burt Kwouk

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