Department S Episode 1: Six Days

Department S_Six Days Title Shot

Department S investigates the case due to the VIP onboard, the Head of Department S Sir Curtis Seretse, a top level British Agent, Hallet, and a CEO/British Agent, Walsham, with classified government secrets.  The investigation is disrupted and at least one of the crew is involved.  A Latvian, a faked radio communication and the alone passenger ex-pilot on the plane are the connection points to the investigation.  The suspects or suspect are being held and have had their passports taken away but soon they are returned on orders from a particular British Agent.

Jason, Stewart and Annabelle start their own lines of investigation, Stewart looks towards the British Agent and Jason and Annabelle delve into the life of the CEO.  This line of inquiry gives Jason a pain in the neck, however a trap laid by Stewart brings out all the culprits and gets them to fly the coop only to be netted.

Personal Synopsis

This is the beginning of the Department S series and appears to focus more on Stewart Sullivans character than any other Department S agent. Peter Wyngarde’s character Jason King would ultimately become the most popular character but doesn’t show his face much in this story. He  does, however,  reinforce the Jason King the general public knew and loved. This episode is a decent and mystery filled introduction to the series, it allows “Department S” to grow on you by not being so loud and fantastical.


Aboard Astair flight Golf-Alpha-Zulu-Echo-Bravo


Original Air-date: March 9 1969

Directed by Cyril Frankel

Written by Gerald Kelsey

Jason King-Peter Wyngarde

Stewart Sullivan-Joel Fabiani

Annabelle Hurst-Rosemary Nicols

Sir Curtis Seretse-Dennis Alaba Peters

Captain Carter-Bernard Horsfall

Hallet-Tony Steedman

Walsham-Peter Bromilow

Janet-Geraldine Moffatt

Borowitsch-Peter Bowles

Durres-Al Mancini

Source: IMDB, Wikipedia

You can Buy the DVD here:

Department S DVD

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